Namibia desert in black and white.

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26 Responses to Monochromatic

  1. rafaelpradov says:

    The desert is so inhospitable but so precious as you show.
    Congratulations for your beautiful shots!


  2. Joe says:

    Beautiful work.

  3. Great shots! I’ll have to focus on B&W when I go back there.

  4. artestudio72 says:

    Nice pics and well processed in BW

  5. kenkiz says:

    j’aime cette simplicité minimaliste

  6. enmanscamera says:

    I do like your series. B&W sets such a mood. good work.

  7. suej says:

    Nice set of images, the best for me are Ripples, Rise Up and Uneven, where you’ve got a wider range of tones…keep up the good work! 🙂

  8. limseeyee says:

    Wah!!! Amazing!!! Nice !!!
    Mind follow me too??

  9. Nice set. I have always wanted to do B&W texture shots like this.

  10. Great gallery. Desert sand always provides an opportunity for shots. Nice work 🙂

  11. It almost looks as if the photographs were done in lead pencil! Great work!

  12. i’d love to be there, i’d dive in and make some sand angels 🙂

  13. oneobserving says:

    You have great photos throughout, but this series especially caught my eye. Beautiful work.

  14. ghoonk says:

    Stunning work!

  15. Tempting to push the contrast but I really dig the way you left it. Clean, simple and stunningly elegant. I really like the work.

  16. themofman says:

    Impressively impressionistic.

  17. Eirene says:

    Very nice, abstract, great lines.. must be fantastic to be shooting there

  18. clevelandg says:

    Since deserts are so monochromatic, you did well to see them in black and white. A very nice portfolio.

  19. really cool set, I love the abstract, graphic appearance. cheers

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