Splash and Macro

Redoing my Splash project from last year. Shot for hours, over 1000 images, sadly very few of them ever come out the way we plan.

Originally i was playing with color but in this case I’m loving the black and white.


31 thoughts on “Splash and Macro

  1. At least you didn’t have to process al that in film! I too like my 60mm Macro – I had originally wanted the 105mm macro, but now with the DX crop, I have the focal length I always wanted…

  2. I can see why you love the black and white as well. Really allows he droplets to pull me into the picture. I’ve been coveting a macro lens for years … I think you just gave me the final nudge I needed to make the investment. Thanks.

  3. Love these. I’m completely intrigued by water, these days. The black and white highlight the drama, more than color likely would have. The drama is in the movement and you caught that beautifully

    1. I actually had to go look this up myself, I found some interesting video’s on YouTube, so you can try there if you like. Personally, I filled a glass tray with water and put black paper under it, but you can use any colour to get different effects, then I had my camera set upside down on my tripod, just at the bowls edge, I used a flash pointing at a reflector on the other side of the lens (so it was camera lens-> Splash <- reflector) and from there just pored water in the bowl and shot, ALOT. Good Luck 🙂

  4. Thank you for liking “On a Grand Scale” and “Night Photography.” You have done a great job of capturing the shifting shapes formed by the movement of a water drop in these pictures. I also admire your patience with this project. 🙂

  5. I especially like the upper left photo—not only for the contrast but for the details caught in the water itself, the little swirlies, and in the drops themselves. I think B&W suits these photos just fine, although I’m not what you would call a B&W affectionato, or whatever it’s called. Good shooting (with a camera, you never can tell who is listening these days). 🙂

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