Macro Dead

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Working with the macro lens I had the chance to do a more in-depth study on butterflies, by collecting them after death. Not so pleasant to work with and very delicate, but got to see what they look like up close and what they are made of.

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7 Responses to Macro Dead

  1. semperfivet says:

    The shots you took are amazing even after the fact the butterflies were not alive. I think you did quite well. Bravo!

  2. disperser says:

    I too have done some research . . . they are made of dead butterfly stuff, right?

    Great shots, by the way. I know where there are a couple of collections mounted on boards, and it had not occurred to me to go all macro on them.

  3. Great stuff! Inspired to find my macro lens now.

  4. hi nikita,

    your post serves as a reminder to me to consider all subjects, dead or living, not to discount either, as there is beauty all around. thank you and
    have a good weekend.

    very best regards,

  5. Shannon says:

    I also collect dead bugs to photograph. It’s a lot of fun, and so interesting to see them up close!

  6. namesi says:

    this is good! this is really good!!

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