Studio shoot – Part 1

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9 Responses to Studio shoot – Part 1

  1. Renard Moreau says:

    [ Smiles ] Beautiful photos!

  2. Inky Lemons says:

    She is adorable, and she looks like she is having fun! 🙂

  3. The half face is easily the best photo for me. Something a little forced about the others, but I like the half face – slightly different, great eye and a little different. MM 👍

  4. Ajaytao2010 says:

    I Nominate you for a Super Bunch of Awards – 30 Nominations
    please choose any 4 awards out of the 30
    accept it and oblige

    there are no linkbacks for this award

  5. H.O says:

    I like first one. very natural.

  6. hi nikita,

    great shots, my 3 picks from the set, 1, 4 & 6.
    lovely blue eyes.
    what is the lighting set-up? if you don’t mind sharing.
    wishing you a good week ahead.

    best regards,

  7. nice shots, beautiful model. epic combination. 🙂 i especially like your candid shot at number 8. spectacular!

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