Different World

So I haven’t been posting as always recently, but I have been away on holiday and sadly that means I don’t have my usual computer with me, for editing and loading. Therefor this post comes from Knysna, in a tent somewhere.

Today I decided to just have fun and do some playful edits and see what happens, this is what I came up with, rather surreal images of the landscapes in the area, or at least pieces of it.

More images will be posted soon, for a better look at the area and what I did on holliday, hope you like 🙂

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6 Responses to Different World

  1. I love the last one of the grass and clouds. A common scene has become very mysterious and other-worldly through your touch! Beautiful.

  2. John Ferebee says:

    Well done. The color treatment is very nice.

  3. Skyler June says:

    Lovely work! Very fun!

  4. jamoroki says:

    There is something about this small collection that touches me

  5. alexraphael says:

    Just gorgeous 🙂

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