Absolut Vodka

My official Portfolio image of Absolut Vodka.

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11 Responses to Absolut Vodka

  1. acuriousgal says:

    Wow, this is great!! Is this the one they use in their ads? Wonderful work!!

  2. Superb Nikita, MM 🍀

  3. Kenn Shapiro says:

    Fantastic, Nikita–great work!

  4. Mike Howe says:

    Fantastic image well done! 🙂

  5. olycam says:

    Very well done. If they don’t buy it from you, shame on them!

  6. Hardik Gohil says:

    Desperate to have it 😀

  7. Great work on this. Amazed by the final image you achieved. Hope not too much Absolut were harmed during that shot 😀

  8. Extremely well executed capture …. great photo.

  9. enmanscamera says:

    An intriguing and perfectly executed image. Was this for a client or personal study? I suppose that doesn’t really matter. All that counts is how well you did and I agree with so many others that have commented favorably.

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