Lions in the Rain

I went to the Lion Park aging, for the first time when it was raining. I also used my Sigma 150-500 mm lens for some nice close up shots of these beautiful creatures.

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21 Responses to Lions in the Rain

  1. hmunro says:

    Stunning images! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful and inspiring collection.

  2. crossnclove says:

    These are great shots! Thanks for sharing

  3. Morgan says:

    Absolutely Beautiful

  4. oneowner says:

    Great close ups! i had a cat who always crossed her paws like one of you lions. I thought that was so unusual.

  5. Incredible portraits of these handsome beasts.

  6. Wonderful portfolio! You definitely have a way with capturing the quiet beauty of these majestic animals.

  7. Wonderful series! Excellent close-ups.

  8. Elyndelys says:

    These are just gorgeous!

  9. I love wild animal photography, and these are just amazing and beautiful shots!

  10. Nice series! And wonderful animals…

  11. Jocelyne says:

    Nikita, these photos are fabulously beautiful, you’re such a great photographer. I love your photos 🙂

  12. Peanut Butter from the Bell Jar says:

    Awesome lion shots!

  13. Livonne says:

    What beautiful majestic creatures they are.. You captured their beauty perfectly.

  14. ketteridgep says:

    Beuatiful shots, Nikita…

  15. N. Gupta says:

    Beautiful!!! These Shots are too good. I became fan of your Photography now.

  16. themofman says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. I used to draw lions and lionesses all the time when I sold a lot of wildlife art.

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