Creepy Visitor

So from time to time we get these little crawleys around the house, only outside so far (thankfully).Already gone through all the usual names such as Tom, Dick and Harry. If I remember correctly I named this one Freddy.

They really used to freak me out but as they come and go without causing me any harm or doing weird things, like running after me as I open up a entire bottle of DOOM on them and hide behind a door (FYI, that has happened to me not too long ago), eventually I got used to them and am now brave enough to get close enough to them to be able to take these close up photos.

Here I used my new Nikon D800 and Sigma Lens.

More of these images and more on Facebook at

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6 Responses to Creepy Visitor

  1. nannus says:

    In their own way, they are beautiful. And think of all the insects they are eating. Without the spiders, the insects would drown us. 🙂

  2. oneowner says:

    They’re really good macro shots!

  3. FlyTrapMan says:

    I believe that’s a barn spider, but I could be mistaken. I see those often as well! Nice Images!

  4. I love spiders. When we lived in Queensland, Australia, we used to get big wolf and huntsman spiders in the house. They looked fearsome but were very timid, and we left them alone as they ate insects, particularly mosquitoes.

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