Family Session

This beautiful family’s studio photoshoot took place quiet some time ago (yes I am still catching up), they truly worked so nicely together, each waiting their turn with mommy or daddy for the “two at a time” portraits, despite having three hyperactive young boys.

I love taking family photos, just to be able to catch a glimpse into other families and how they get along, despite all our differences we still love each other and find a way to make it work. And one of the most beautiful things, I find, is to behold is the unbreakable bond between parents and their children.

Make sure that at some point in your life you have a photoshoot with your family and try to capture every stage of your little ones life, as they don’t stay so little forever and you will cherish those memories when they are all grown up.

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Bubble Guppies Cake Smash

Another cake smash to share with you, this time the theme was Bubble Guppies, with under the ocean colours, hanging blue and green balloons and a Bubble Guppies styled cake.

Once again this little guy was a great sport, he took some time to appreciate his cake before devouring it, till there was almost more cake on him than was left on the ground.

Cleaning up after a cake smash can take some time but it is well worth the effort to see how much fun the kiddies have. after seen them have so much fun I wish I could have a cake smash all my own.

Cake by Jennifer at Cakes for Any Occasions 

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Mini Mouse Cake Smash

This little sweetie pie is crazy about Mini Mouse, can’t you tell?

She also loved the balloons at her very own, “private birthday party”. She didn’t waste any time digging into the cake, face and all, and if didn’t take her long to smash the cake. Her mommy picked out her favourite cartoon character as her cake smash theme along with how the cake should look.

When booking a Cake Smash with me, you chose the theme you think your little one would like and what style you want the cake (cake included in shoot).

Cake by the talented Jennifer at Cakes for Any Occasions

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Liam’s First Birthday

So I am still catching up after not having posted for some time here is Little Liam’s First birthday from a few months ago.

The Cowboy theme birthday party was a great success, everyone dressed up and had so much fun, with a candy floss machine and a popcorn maker, which was probably Liam’s favourite, having just discovered popcorn he couldn’t stop munching on it and going around to everyone and having a taste of their popcorn, just to make sure that he wasn’t missing out on flavour.


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Styled Bridal Shoot

The first Styled Bridal Shoot I arranged and photographed. I have been wanting to do a styled bridal shoot for some time now and after about two months of planning I finally pulled it off.

Adding a pop of warm colours in the bouquet and blanket that contrasted the chilly winters day nicely. As well as adding some warmth into the photos in post.

Beautiful model, Megan, braved the cold without a single complaint and just made the shoot a blast.

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The Doggie Support Initiative


Nikita VdV Photography is working hand in hand with The Doggie Support Initiative (TDSI) to raise funds for doggies in need.

For every Doggie or Doggie and Me shoot booked in the next two months I will be donating a percentage to TDSI to help them raise funds to support dogs in need.

So book your Photoshoot now and get beautiful photos of your fur kid and do something good for the doggies that don’t have their own families yet.

About TDSI:

TDSI is a animal support group, aiming to help the Lucky Lucy foundation and Husky Rescue SA. They collect all cleaning products, food, toys, health care products, blankets and more to help keep the dogs warm and comfortable will they wait to be adopted. They will also be holding fundraisers to collect funds for the foundations they support.

Check out their Facebook page to see how you can help make a difference (link below) and remember to share with all your family and friends.

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The Doggie Support Initiative

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Modeling Portfolio: Clinton

I had so much fun working with Clinton (male model), he took instruction so ell and really made the pose his own.

For this studio photoshoot I focused on specific lighting styles and creating a dramatic feel to the photos, I used the black background to do this and then we took a few photos on the white backdrop for something a little different. I also enjoyed the working on the smoking photos, lighting the smoke along with the model was a fun and different challenge and they came out really well.

Photographed with: Nikon D800

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